Follow Up

I know there are long gaps in between posts sometimes. I mostly use this blog as a health & fitness journal of sorts to keep myself motivated. I have a friend I vent my struggles to and I have myfitnesspal where I record the good, bad and ugly of my day to day eating – so sometimes this blog falls through the cracks. 

However, you should know, I barely lasted 36 hours on the juice fast. 

It was tough. Not that I was hungry, which I surprisingly wasn’t. I just couldn’t seem to concoct palatable beverages. I had success with one drink that I could actually drink all the way. My next attempts were either too gingery or too orange peel zesty. 

I was bummed that it didin’t work out more, because I really felt good, my bloat immediately went away and I lost a pound in 36 hours!

But, juicing is not for the faint of tongue. Maybe if I had my own juice chef to make sure I got the flavors right.

In other TMI news, I think Aunt Flo is coming. I am like constantly wanting to eat these last couple of days, which isn’t good for weight loss! 

On Tuesday I did get on the scale to face the “cold hard facts.” But those facts weren’t too bad. I was actually down .8 pounds and that was after I’d eaten breakfast. 

I’m three pounds away from a new set of numbers (the 150s!). Slow and steady right? 

This weekend we’re headed out of town, and then all of next week my husbo doesn’t have work or school. For some reason, when he’s home – like on the weekends – it is way harder for me to eat right. Hmmmm…..

Anyway, help me out guys, keep me motivated. I would love to get to 1-5-0 in the next 12 weeks, like by my birthday, June 14th. 

Blah, blah, blah. 

Oh, still doing the C25K. I’m doing week six over, just cause I didn’t feel ready to move onto week seven, but I think I’ll be ready for week seven on Monday! Woot! 

And now for a recen family photo: 



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